Facebook Ads

An ad or advertisement created by a business firm on Facebook to attract more customers based on user activity, demographic information, device usage information, advertising and information provided by marketing partners and off page Face Book activity.

Facebook Ads are purchased by advertisers in an auction charged through a number of clicks, impressions or actions. Facebook Ads are also notified in the following areas :

Ads that appear on News Feed on Desktops, Mobiles, and on the right hand side of Facebook on the desktop.

At Bispage, we help you promote your business through effective Facebook ads. We make meaningful connections with people to bolster your business. We help you create ads, that enable your business to get connected with friends and your clients..

How Bispage helps you through Facebook ads?

  • Facebook ads, nurture your business to the next level for maximizing the profits. The remarkable reach and potential of the Face Book ads make them an exceptionally powerful medium for reaching out to the regular visitors.
  • We, on behalf of the Bispage team, have worked out certain Facebook strategies for your ads to be noted and published:
  • Segmentation --- We help you relate to your target audience. All clients who show interest in your product or services gain an insight through our strategy.
  • Optimizing Your Ads --- This way of advertising realizes the need for a target audience.
  • Scheduling your Campaigns --- With the help of Face Book, we show different results based on user’s activity and publishing of content.
  • Managing your Budget Wisely --- Maximum Bids generally achieve higher business prospects. These Bids are affected by Click through Rates or likes gained on the website.
  • Usage of Conversion Tracking --- The team presents the weekly conversion of the customer focusing on traceable results, specially for ecommerce websites.

How to select the right objectives for promoting my Business?

  • Reach out more to people near your business area.
  • Boost your post for more engagement.
  • Increase conversions on the website.
  • Collect leads for your website.
  • Communicate with potential clients.

How do we Bisapge connect with our Customers?

  • We, at Bispage assist all our customers through some main branding steps.
    • Begin with a set goal in mind.
    • Show people that you are using the product.
    • Lesser the text, more the appeal.
    • Focus on your message.
    • Use high resolution images.
    • Play around with the content.

    Bispage Advice for Advertisers on Face Book?

    • Create and follow the chosen strategies and solutions for advertising on Face book.
    • Create a look alike of audiences to optimize your bids.
    • Accelerate your app's growth with the above two steps listed.
    • Set up your campaigns with the right solutions..
    • Direct response, best practice.

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